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Livingston Auto Spa Window Tinting

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What is Window Tint?


Window Tint is a colored polyester film that is applied to your vehicles glass surfaces.


What is the point of Window Tint?


  Is it Just to look cool?   Is it because you’re trying to hide?

  Well yes, tinted windows are aesthetically pleasing, and yes, darker films provide great privacy from prying eyes; However, with the film technology we have at our disposal today, window tint can do so much more than simply please the eye.


It’s about protecting you and your vehicle from the harmful radiation of the sun.  It’s about saving your skin and your seats from being literally cooked by a space fireball.  It’s about comfort while driving and peace of mind that your vehicle and your occupants are protected.


The products we offer at Livingston Auto Spa are at the absolute forefront of window film technology:


- Every film we offer is colored with carbon, no dyes, which means no fading or color change, ever.  Gone are the days of faded to purple windows, our film will look the same decades from now as the day we install it.


- Every film we offer blocks out 99.9%+ of UVA/UVB radiation: That’s the damage rays that sunburn you and turn your supple interior into hard, cracking garbage.  We can eliminate that completely.


- Every film we offer blocks IR, or Infrared Radiation: That’s the uncomfortable heat you feel coming through the glass.  Our entry level Carbon film blocks about 50% of the heat, our Carbon-Ceramic blocks about 75% of it, and our Apex Ceramic is considered a super Ceramic, boasting almost 100% infrared heat rejection.  It’s like driving Indoors!


If you’ve ever wished for an iron clad way to protect your interior for years to come… If you’ve ever felt your A/C just isn’t keeping up on a hot day… If you’ve ever been blinded by headlights at night…


Window Film IS the answer!

We are proud to be an authorized installer of 

Geoshield Window Films!






Geoshield is an industry leader in window film manufacturing. Geoshield films utilize nanotechnology with a fusion of nanoparticles, to ensure high performance, durability, and long-lasting color. They use specially designed high-performance adhesive for professional installation and clean removal. All films have zero interference of electronic equipment (metal free).


C2 Carbon is a mid-grade, non-reflective film that provides excellent UV light protection and moderate heat reduction properties.  

- Never fades or discolors

- Moderate heat rejection, blocks up to 70% of IR 

- Blocks 99+% of harmful UV light

- VLT shades available 2%, 5%, 20%, 35%, 50%


Carbon-Ceramic is a high end, non-reflective film that provides excellent UV light protection and outstanding heat reduction properties. 

- Never fades or discolors

- Premium optical grade polyester

- Excellent heat rejection, blocks up to 88% of IR

- Blocks 99+% of harmful UV light

- VLT shades available 5%, 15%, 20%, 35%, 50%



Apex Ceramic is a top shelf, non-reflective film that provides excellent UV light protection and Unparalleled heat reduction properties.

- Never fades or discolors

- Premium extra thick optical grade polyester

- Absolutely unparalleled heat rejection, blocks 96% of IR

- Blocks 99+% of harmful UV light

VLT shades available 20%, 35%, 50%, 70%




During film installation, we utilize over the top precautions to ensure a super clean install with zero damage to the vehicle's interior or its sensitive electronic components.


- All delicate door panels are covered to eliminate risk of water damage or streaking.


- All windows and window seals are deep cleaned to mitigate contamination and give you the cleanest install possible. 


- All films are cut with the utmost precision to ensure an exact fit to your vehicle.


- All films are installed in a way that maximizes water extraction and are heated post-install to ensure there is no slipping or lifting of the film.


- All dashboards are covered with a dash towel, and combined with a microfiber soak rope, ensures maximum protection of the electronics.





All Geoshield Window Films are backed by a Nationwide Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty against fading or film failure.  


In addition, Livingston Auto Spa also backs all tint services with our own Lifetime Warranty.  We spare no expense to offer you the highest quality window film in production today, film that will last a lifetime; However, in the extremely unlikely event that our film fades, changes color, bubbles, peels or fails in any way that is our or the Films fault, it will be replaced at no additional cost to you. 

*Shade changes are not covered under warranty*  


Furthermore, Livingston Auto Spa realizes that sometimes accidents happen; so when you purchase a full Ceramic Tint Package, we also include a “Stuff happens” warranty.  We will replace one door glass worth of film, for absolutely free, for any reason.  Chip your door glass film with a seatbelt, scratch it with a ring, kids peeled the corner up, etc… Stuff happens, we got you covered. 

* Only applicable one time for one door glass worth of film on any full vehicle Ceramic tint service*


Contamination Disclaimer


This is an aftermarket application of a film, not a glass dyeing process, therefore, some risk of contamination is always present.  That being said, we try our absolute best to give you the cleanest install we can possibly achieve.  While everything in our power will be done to eliminate this variable, we cannot completely control things that may be floating in the air.


We can guarantee no prominent contamination, bubbles, creases, light gaps, large dirt, hair, old tint or glue will be present in your install.  While we pride ourselves on the cleanest work in Livingston County, true perfection is unattainable; However, we can guarantee top end industry standards and the best install humanly possible. 

No install will be 100% contamination free. 

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Window tint shades example

(20% Film matches most dyed factory glass)

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