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Livingston Auto Ceramic Coatings

What is a Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coatings are a clear layer or shell that chemically bonds at a molecular level with the surface it is applied to. They are generally made up of SI02 (Silicon Dioxide) but other elements such as titanium dioxide, graphene dioxide, and Teflon can be found in many coatings on the market today.

Every vehicles paint is made of a primer, base coat, and a clear coat. Ceramic coatings are applied over the top of the clear coat and creates a semi-permanent long lasting bond. This bond will not break down or get washed off like traditional waxes and sealants.

 What are the Benefits of Ceramic Coatings?

There are many benefits to having a ceramic coating, which is why they are used in many industries such as aerospace, marine, automotive, defense, and industrial building.  They provide an extremely hydrophobic, durable, glossy, slick protection that helps prevent damage from, ​

  • Acid rain

  • Iron fallout

  •  UV rays

  •  Rust

  • Brake dust

  • Tree sap

  • Bird droppings

  • Light scratches

  • Etching

  • Water spots

  • Bug guts

On top of all that protection, they make washing your car easier than ever! The hydrophobics reduce the need for frequent washes, but when it does need a wash the grime and dirt comes off with ease!

Additional Information

Although it would be great if ceramic coatings were actually bullet proof, they are not. Like many nice things, they require routine maintenance to keep them performing their best. Over time, ceramic coatings can get clogged which reduces their effects. This does not mean the product has failed, it simply needs to be rejuvenated. Similar to seasoning a cast iron skillet or maintaining dyed hair, you need to maintain the ceramic coating.

What Coatings do we Use?

After 8 years of experience, and hundreds of hours of research and testing we realized there are many coatings that offer great protection and longevity. There is not a overall dominant coating on the market, despite what many brands claim. Through our testing and research, we have selected Gtechniq and Undrdog as our coating suppliers. We have found that these brands offer the best value to our customers based on cost and product effectiveness. 


At Livingston Auto Spa, we've installed hundreds of ceramic coatings and have our process down to a science. When installing ceramic coatings, the prep work before the installation is the hardest and most important part. If you do not have a perfectly clean clear coat, the ceramic coating will not be able to properly bond which could cause premature failure. Our installation process is as follows,

  • Strip wash to remove existing waxes and sealants

  • Iron decontamination

  • Clay bar decontamination

  • Hand dry & blow out cracks and crevasses

  • Polish/correct/buff/compound paint as needed to remove swirls, scratches, and oxidation

  • Wipe down with surface prep spray

  • Apply ceramic coating

  • 12 hour cure time



At Livingston Auto Spa, we are confident in our work which is why we warranty all ceramic coating installations. In order for the warranty to stand, a maintenance wash must be performed by us annually or every 10,000 miles (Whichever comes first). Improper maintenance or failure to complete the necessary maintenance washes results in a voided warranty. In the unlikely event of a warranty claim, the coating will be reinstalled at no additional charge. 

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